Short History

The Saskatoon Reggae Festival Inc. is a non-profit organization aimed at showcasing local, national and international artists and performers. A Celebration of our cultural diversity.  

This organization runs the present Saskatoon Reggae and World Music Festival, which was formerly called Saskatoon Reggae Festival. The Festival name was change in order to welcome all the various cultural expressions. 

      The festival originated at the Odeon Events Centre back in 2005 when a group of musicians hosted various Caribbean and Latin parties, with local DJ Juan Valdez. From then the event became Saskatoon ReggaeFest and then grew into the present registered non-profit.


      The Festival usually is  consist of music, workshops and  dance performances at various venues around Saskatoon, with the main Concert Event at an outdoor venue.   This young and vibrant festival have celebrated artists and performers from across Canada, consisting of First Nations, Caribbean, Latin and various other ethnic and cultural groups. The Festival goal is to continue to showcase these various cultural groups, while providing a great stay to the many visitors who are making the festival and Saskatoon their destination.

     Past performers included Jason Wilson and Tabarruk, Mikey Dangerous, Culture Brown, Daddy Roy, Natural Mistik, Paul Benjamin, Joseph Ashong, Coffieman, Terrance LittleTent, Eekwol, Oral Fuentes, Orlando Martinez, defSol, Dj Juan Valdez, Dj Mike, La Carisma, Kahmaria, Sephoria, Grupo Maya, Ritmo Latino, and Grupo Caracol, Del Mundo Dance Academy, Danza Morena, Mobadass (aka the Steadies), DJ Scott Turner, DJ Heywood, Rational, Roberto Andres, Parab Poet, Jah Cutta, Errol Blackwood, Absofunkinlutely, Solar Rio, and Natural Flavas.

About  Saskatoon ReggaeFest